Raised in Boca Raton, Florida, Zoë Fromer is a dynamic singer-songwriter who now calls the kinetic metropolis of New York City her home. From the moment she sang in front of her kindergarten class, Fromer has been drawn to music and perpetually enamored with performing. Growing up on her mother’s CD collection, she drew inspiration from the likes of Blondie and Queen, before discovering her own haven in groups like The Kills, the White Stripes, and Queens of the Stone Age. Fueled by a desire to carve her own path as an artist, Fromer seized the first opportunity to have an audience—singing in a jazz band, and attending the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music. Though the education has lent itself to an impressive technical foundation that still permeates Fromer’s sound, she left school feeling unfulfilled by scattered hotel lobby sets. Thus, like many greats, in pursuit of a musical landscape that could provide more space for her, Fromer picked up and headed to New York.


Immersing herself in the city’s music scene, Fromer honed her craft. The result is a toothsome, emotional iteration of soulful indie rock. With an electrifying stage presence, sensual, kinetic vocals, and her bandmates by her side, Fromer hit stages around NYC, performing alongside local acts like Long and Alexa Dark. Her debut EP, 2023’s introspective, sticky-sweet and sultry Permission, solidified that for Fromer, lyricism comes first. At its core, Fromer’s work captures the complexities of love, sweat, and tears with deviously flushed cheeks.


Fromer’s sophomore EP, Velvet, sees the artist pushing her own boundaries, emotionally, lyrically and sonically. Basking in both darkness and beauty, she swings from love, sex, and desire, to loss and sorrow. Following the pendulum of ill-fated flings and bleeding hearts in love across four tracks, Velvet traverses a host of genres— from aughts garage rock and ‘60s pop, to blues rock and indie.


From the intimate track “No Questions” about the journey to sobriety, to the cheeky closing track about fame and flings, “Illionaire”, in just four songs Fromer finds us enrapt on a dark, twisted, and delicious story. Velvet delivers addictively passionate, foot-stomping melodies and surging hooks, bolstered by reverb-heavy indie-rock riffs, though what we’ll truly fall for is Fromer’s unparalleled vocal performance. Slipping from soft and seductive into a fiery, grungier growl, Fromer showcases not only her affecting technical range but takes us through all the feels, right alongside her.


As she does the stage, Fromer commands each sparklingly heady, and guttingly personal track with wild emotion and force. Ultimately, on this horny, furious, heartfelt EP, Fromer is owning nothing but pure feminine power—and letting us know it. With her Velvet EP set to release April 20, Fromer is poised to make an impact, and there’s no denying it’s one entirely her own.

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